Becoming a customer

After our first contact via a home visit, phone call or video call where we estimate the time needed to clean your home, we will email you a quotation. To get your new home-life off to the best start, we recommend an initial cleaning session.

Fixed monthly cost with subscription

As a customer, you take out a subscription that means you pay the same amount every month. We offer invoicing via Kivra, post, e-invoice and Autogiro.

Time bank

In the case of a subscription agreement with annualised invoicing and time banking, we will invoice monthly as usual. Any hours saved in the time bank can be used at a later date, as agreed with you. The hours for the different services have a different value, so an hour of weekly cleaning can’t be used in a straight swap for an hour of window cleaning. The balance in the time bank must not exceed a month of home service.

Guarantee and quality

Naturally, we want you to be happy with our services. If you find that we’ve missed out something we agreed on, notify us immediately or within a maximum of 48 hours, and we’ll come and put things right as soon as we can. We work actively on quality inspections and staff training.

  • Invoicing takes place monthly in arrears. This is the case for both subscription services and individual jobs. If you have a home cleaning subscription, you can also choose to pay by autogiro.
  • HomeMaid AB reserves the right to run a credit check before entering into an agreement, and to refrain from entering into an agreement on the basis of what that credit check reveals.

This is how the RUT deduction works

If you meet the conditions for RUT deductions, you only pay 50% of the labor cost. The total maximum amount you can purchase RUT and ROT services for is SEK 150,000/person and the total deduction possibility is SEK 75,000/person and year.

We handle all administration regarding RUT on the invoice and to the Tax Agency.

Read more about the RUT and ROT deduction on the Tax Agency's website.