Other services

Holiday service, floor care or silver polishing? We’ll sort it! HomeMaid is here because our customers need us, which is why we’re continuously developing our portfolio of home cleaning services. What do you need to make your life work better for you? There are many chores in and around the home that you can hand over to us, most of which we can do in combination with a normal weekly cleaning visit. And don’t worry if you don’t have weekly cleaning – we can still help. Call or email us, because no question is too out there.

What do you need?

  • Open up holiday home

    Get your holiday started right away! We’ll clean and air your summer cottage, so you can relax and be on holiday as soon as you put the key in the door. Let us do the deep cleaning, window cleaning, gardening and airing of rugs/carpets and textiles.
  • Hygiene cleaning

    Mites love warm, moist environments. You can’t completely get rid of mites, but a hygiene clean minimises the amount of allergens they leave behind. At the same time, hygiene cleaning removes unwanted odours. We give sofas, beds, rugs/carpets and other upholstered furniture a proper deep clean.
  • Pets

    If you have a dog or cat, we’ll put extra time into vacuuming the floors, rugs/carpets and furniture, as well as thoroughly cleaning the place where your pet eats. You’ll then be able to enjoy a lovely clean home, without worrying about your furry friend bringing in dirt.
  • Holiday service

    Going away and leaving your home unsupervised during a holiday can be a worry. What if burglars are roaming the neighbourhood, or you’re concerned about pot plants and unemptied bins? Let us look after your home while you’re away! We’ll take in the post, empty the bin, water the plants, switch lights on and off, and so on.
  • Laundry and ironing

    We all know that laundry is quite time-consuming... but also unavoidable. We’re happy to free up some of your time by taking care of the laundry. We’ll also take care of the sorting, folding, ironing and putting away. We are able to change and launder curtains as well.
  • Floor care

    Regular cleaning and treatment makes the floor look better and last longer. We know what waxing, polishing and cleaning your floor needs, and we clean and treat everything from wood floors and laminate to linoleum, textile and vinyl flooring.
  • Polishing metal and crystal

    We guarantee sparkling results when you get us to polish silver, copper, brass and crystal. We’ll also take care of the time-consuming polishing of cutlery, lamps and decorative objects.
  • Carpet cleaning

    Rugs and carpets trap dust and make the rest of the room difficult to clean. It’s almost impossible to get a carpet completely clean with a regular vacuum cleaner. We use special vacuum cleaners with mechanical nozzles, which give your carpets a deep clean while removing mites and dust.
  • Oven cleaning

    We mainly use soap to clean ovens for environmental reasons. With our professional methods, soap is all we need to get your oven truly clean. If you have a self-cleaning oven, we’ll clean the bottom and glass.
  • Fridge/freezer cleaning

    We’ll wipe away spills, crumbs and marks so that the shelves and drawers are properly fresh and clean. If you defrost the freezer before we arrive, we can clean that too!
  • Cutlery drawers

    We’ll take out all the cutlery and kitchen utensils, and then vacuum and thoroughly wipe the drawers clean. If you want your silver cutlery polished, we can do that as well!
  • Balcony

    With balcony cleaning, we vacuum or mop the floor and wipe balcony furniture and railings. Want the glass in your glazed balcony cleaned? Book our window cleaning service and we’ll take care of it!
  • After renovation work

    A newly renovated home or property should really shine! We’ll take care of any building dust and dirt by vacuuming and wet mopping floors, walls, ceilings and windows.
  • Changing bedding

    If you want to luxuriate in fresh sheets in your newly cleaned home, simply book a change of bedding for your next cleaning session. If you have a weighted blanket, tell us at the time of booking, as we’ll need to send two people.