This is what our career progression looks like

Service Assistant

Our largest group of employees and the position where most people begin their career with us. A service-minded employee who focuses on cleaning the homes and properties of our customers and clients.


An experienced and skilled Service Assistant who knows the company’s working practices and procedures backwards and, in addition to their regular duties, is responsible for supervising and developing new employees. The position of Supervisor is also the first step in HomeMaid’s leadership training.

Team Leader

Responsible for the running and quality of the work in their team during their shift. Coordinates a team of Service Assistants and Supervisors and forms the link between the employees working out in the field and those working in the office, with a focus on quality and service. Has several years’ experience of working as a Service Assistant and in-depth cleaning know-how.


A Trainer will have several years’ experience of working as a Service Assistant and be well versed in the company’s working practices and procedures. Alongside their regular duties, usually as a Team Leader, a trainer has in-depth cleaning know-how and is responsible for onboarding and training their colleagues in both the theory and practice of cleaning.

Master Trainer

Has at least one year’s experience of working as a Trainer and several years’ experience of working as a Service Assistant, as well as in-depth cleaning know-how. Alongside their regular duties, usually as a Team Leader, they are responsible for coordinating the training for their office, district or region.

Customer Support

Responsible for providing service to our customers by email and telephone at one of our offices. Customer Support also works on upselling and office-based sales by helping our customers with services that they need, such as deep cleaning and final cleaning. Has good knowledge of customer service, administration and communication.


Responsible for selling subscriptions for private home cleaning to our customers, and in some cases also commercial sales. Has several years’ experience in sales and good knowledge of sales and communication. Our Salespeople tend to meet the customers in their home, which means that the job involves a great deal of travel within the region.

Area Manager

Responsible for customers and staff in their area, i.e. responsibility for quality, performance and employees. The Area Manager has sound knowledge of the company’s working practices and procedures and is able to lead large groups with good results. Able to recruit, lead and develop employees. The District/Regional Manager’s right hand. Leads district or regional operations together with the District Manager/Regional Manager, with a focus on overarching goals.

District Manager / Regional Manager

The District Manager is responsible for their district and the Regional Manager for their region, more or less like a sole trader runs their business, working towards set goals within the framework of HomeMaid’s business plan. Overall responsibility for employees, customer satisfaction, quality, operations and performance.


Our highest leadership position in the company. General responsibility for the business. We are yet to employ a CEO who has come up through the company, but our ambition is that we will be able to do so when we next have a change of leadership. Maybe you’ve got your eye on the top job?

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