Don’t leave anything to chance

Both you and the new owner need to be completely confident that the final cleaning has been done to perfection. That’s why we go through the home with both of you once the cleaning is completed, to make sure you’re both happy with the result. Naturally, window cleaning is included in our final cleaning service! Professionally cleaned windows are essential for approval of the final cleaning.

What does final cleaning involve?

The final cleaning service is a thorough clean of the home once it has been emptied of furniture. All the surfaces are vacuumed and wiped. Even surfaces and areas that are difficult to access or high up will be cleaned. Window cleaning* is also included for standard windows, inside and out. Lower down the page is a complete list of all the tasks that are included in the final cleaning service. We bring all the cleaning products and equipment we need – you don’t need to supply anything.

* There is an additional fee for windows with glazing bars or multiple panes. Glazed-in verandas/balconies are not included, ask for a quotation. Find out more and book here.

Final cleaning with satisfaction guaranteed

With our customer satisfaction guarantee and final inspection, you can rest assured that both you and the buyer will be completely happy with the final cleaning. As the seller, you naturally don’t want to worry about having to rectify something later on, or be financially liable for incomplete cleaning. With our help, you can be absolutely sure of thorough cleaning that meets all standard requirements.

What do I need to do ahead of the final cleaning service?

  • Move out all the furniture (the home must be completely empty)
  • Defrost the freezer
  • Remove the glass from the oven door
  • Pull out the fridge, freezer, dishwasher and stove if they require cleaning behind
  • Grilles above/below the fridge/freezer should be removed
  • Lift off the bath panel

If other areas (such as storerooms) are to be cleaned, remember to give us the key.

After the final cleaning, you need to:

  • Put back the white goods
  • Put the glass back in the oven door
  • Put the grilles back above/below the fridge/freezer
  • Lift the bath panel back into place